About Us


MCHS®,LLC. is a Design Think Tank supported venture. Created to be a one-stop-shop for all corporate hospitality needs, MCHS® is working hard to improve business' daily productivity by handling tasks typically deemed outside the scope of what in-house employees handle. We are your go-to-company for any and all corporate hospitality needs. See our Services Offered section below for more details!


Metro Corporate and Hospitality Services ®, LLC is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service, exceeding customer expectations, providing practical, efficient, high-quality deliverables and creating and maintaining lasting business relationships. Through a unique combination of hard work, dedication, innovation and constant inspiration MCHS®,LLC is working diligently towards building a brighter tomorrow.


  • Corporate Hospitality

    • Office Cleaning

    • Window Cleaning

    • Office Layout Consultations

    • Scheduled Document Collection & Destruction

  • Information Technology

    • Network Infrastructure Design

    • Network Installation & Configuration

    • Security Monitoring Systems

    • Loss-Prevention Systems

    • Access Control Systems

    • Automation Control

    • Managed IT Solutions

  • Building Design & Maintenance

    • Architectural Design

    • 3D Graphics Rendering

    • Electrical CAD Layout & Design

    • Plumbing CAD Layout & Design

    • Scheduled Grounds Maintenance

  • Skilled Trades

    • Masonry

    • Carpentry

    • Electrical

    • Plumbing

    • Landscaping